The Holiday Village of Lanau : for your family stay in Cantal



To See...

- The Garabit Viaduct : majestic iron construction, made by Gustave EIFFEL's company, which gather the two banks of the Truyère river for more than 120 years...

- The Grandval Dam : starting in 1959 on the Truyère river, it's a dam with multiple vaults. The reservoir is extended on 1100 hectares.

- The Alleuze Castle : built on a rock peak, almost an island with the filling of Grandval Dam, the castle in ruins is one of the most picturesque places of the Truyère Valley. Below the castle, the Saint-Illide medieval chapel is built, with the Way of the Cross.

- The Chaudes-Aigues Par Source : it's the warmest european source (82°C). The name of the source comes from the french word "parés", which means "cleaned", because the source was used to clean up the pigs.

- Le Plomb du Cantal : the highest Cantal mountain (1858m). By walk or by cable railway, for a amazing view of the Cère Valley, the Brezon Valley et the Épie Valley.

Le Puy Mary : certified "great site of France" since december 2012, the greatest volcano (2700 m²) is 1787m at its highest point.

Saint-Flour : the town is organized between the uptown built on the Planèze (900m-high great volcanic shelf), and the downtown built in the Ander Valley. WIth its famous cathedral, it will offer you a pleasant visit.

Salers : typical medieval village in the heart of the natural park of the Auvergne volcanoes, very-well known for its bovine species et its cheese.



The Aubrac shelf : with 2500 km² area, the place is shared between forests and pastures... We can cross many herds around "burons" (shepherd's shelter) after the seasonal move to summer pastures, at the beginning of the summer.


Laguiole : world-famous known of its knife, it is also a cheese and a well-known village for its great bronze Aubrac bull statue.